images of various flight attendants with their luggage in airports and airplanes

There’s no doubt about it, flight crews are heroes of the sky! To show these heroes who power our skies our appreciation this holiday season, we’re launching the #SmilesInTheSky campaign. General negativity and even violence against flight crews and airline employees has increased significantly throughout 2021. We’re looking to shift the sentiment and conversation, create a more respectful travel environment, and recognize these unsung heroes for everything they do to make our time traveling smooth and stress free.

That’s why through January 14th we’re encouraging travelers to share the random acts of kindness they experience from flight crews and airline employees during their holiday travel with us on Instagram or Twitter – from the selfless to the heart-warming, we want to hear it all! And in doing so, 50 of these flight crew and airline employees will be recognized with a new Travelpro® FlightCrew™ 5 suitcase for professional use and a $200 gift card to use for a night out with family, or just some much needed rest and relaxation. After all, travel shouldn't be hard and your luggage certainly shouldn’t add to the stress of holiday travel. That’s why Travelpro® has worked tirelessly over the past 30 years to create luggage that is durable enough withstand everything professional and leisure travelers need, and have become the luggage brand of choice for over 90 airlines.

Change.org Petition

Travelpro® is calling on all passengers to pledge to respect each other while traveling this holiday travel season and beyond. With the number of reported incidents against flight crews rising, it’s more important than ever to be patient, respectful and recognize the tireless work these heroes of the sky are doing. That is why Travelpro® has created a Change.org petition, encouraging those traveling this month to sign and pledge to be respectful of those around them. Together we can take a stand – all it takes is one person to brighten someone’s day.

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Campaign Rules & Regulations

To recognize an airline employee or flight crew member who went out of their way to make your day and enter them into the Contest, simply:

1. Take a selfie with the flight crew member or airline employee and share your reason for submitting them via a stand-alone post on Twitter or Instagram, with hashtag #SmilesInTheSky; and

2. Tag Travelpro® in your post (Travelpro® IG/Twitter handle:@travelprointl) and make sure to obtain the employee's social media handle and assent to tag the employee by social media handle to ensure their eligibility to win(Travelpro® IG/Twitter:@travelprointl).

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