There is something so satisfying about how a brand-new rolling suitcase glides through the airport, making it easy to speed walk between terminals to catch connecting flights.

While Travelpro® Rollaboard® luggage is known for being ultra-durable, countless trips and endless miles, rough baggage handlers, and mishaps can all lead to issues with your luggage wheels. Instead of buying a whole new suitcase when your roll gets rickety, a quick swap with Travelpro® replacement wheels will have you and your luggage back to full speed ahead.

Here is everything you need to know about how to replace the wheels on your Travelpro® luggage:

When To Replace the Wheels On Your Travelpro® Luggage

Two-wheeledRollaboard® luggage is constructed with hearty ball bearing wheels for a smooth roll and long-lasting durability. You will usually get many years out of a single set of wheels. But if your luggage is subjected to extraordinary wear and tear, like being dragged through severe terrain, or you have had it for a very long time, it may no longer roll as smoothly. 

Depending on how frequent of a traveler you are, it could take many years before you start to notice a malfunctioning wheel. Maybe the bag doesn’t move as quickly or you notice a wobbly roll. Sometimes, just cleaning up the area will solve your issues. But when you lose or damage a wheel –or just want to swap your old luggage wheels for a new ride, these six steps make it easy to replace the old ones with Travelpro® replacement wheels in less than five minutes.

6 Steps For Replacing Your Rollaboard® Wheels

Replacing broken wheels on your Rollaboard® is easy. In some cases, major components (like wheels) even qualify for damage coverages. Be sure tocheck your warrantybefore ordering the Travelpro® replacement wheels designed to fit your make and model. You’ll also want to have a flathead screwdriver and an Allen wrench (also called a hex key) on hand.

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to replace the wheels on your Travelpro® luggage:

  1. Turn your bag on its side so that the broken wheel is exposed.
  2. Grab your flathead screwdriver and use it to remove the plate covering the screw that’s holding the wheel in place.
  3. Next, grab your Allen/hex key and use it to untwist and remove the screw.
  4. Now that the screw is no longer holding the wheel in place, pull it out and insert the new wheel.
  5. Use the Allen key to fasten in the screw with the new wheel until it fits snugly. Be careful not to crank it too tight.
  6. Finally, replace the plate on top of the screw and turn the suitcase back to its upright position to test out your new wheel for stability.

 You can also follow along with our DIY video tutorial HEREshowing how to easily remove an old wheel and install a new one on your Rollaboard®.

How to Order Your Rollaboard® Replacement Wheels

You can order genuine Travelpro® Rollaboard® replacement wheels here. There are specific wheels designed to fitvarious Travelpro® makes and models, so make sure you’ve confirmed which version you have before ordering.

Is there another part on your Rollaboard® that needs to be replaced? You’ll find more DIY repair tips here, or you can also locate aRepair Center near you in order to receive in-person help.

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