Warranty Repair

Verify your warranty by clicking Collection name of your product below.

Platinum Legacy
Models after 1/01/2005
Platinum Elite
SKU: 40918xx, 40920xx
Travel & Leisure
SKU: 40419xx
FlightCrew 5
Models after 1/01/2016
SKU: 36xx
Maxlite Collections
Models after 03/01/2017
SKU: 40115xx, 40117xx, 40122xx, 401229xx
Crew Collections
Models after 7/01/2018
SKU: 40714xx, 407169xx, 40716xx, 407182xx, 407182xx, 40724xx
Executive Choice
Models after 7/01/2018
SKU: 40516xx, 40520xx
Bold Collections
Models after 1/01/2015
SKU: 41215xx
SKU: 41521xx
SKU: 42022xx
Pilot Air
SKU: 41023xx
Travelpro, Totes, Backpacks & Essentials
1-year Limited Warranty

Use the illustration below for locating your unique SKU Number

Inside the main packing compartment of your bag you will find a sewn in label that contains the style # that can be used for product registration.

*If you purchased your Travelpro product(s) through one of our authorized retailers click here.

*If your collection name is not listed, this indicates that your collection style:

  •  -Is no longer covered under the Limited Warranty
  •  -Has no listed manufactures defects
  •  -Repair or replacement options are no longer available

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