Travelpro® Checked Bags: Built for Adventure

Checked luggage has several advantages over a carry-on. A checked bag provides travelers with a higher packing capacity than carry-on bags. If you have a long layover, using checked luggage gives you the freedom to leave the airport without your bags and allows for ease of navigation within the airport.

Travelpro® checked luggage comes in soft and hardshell options and is made of tough, damage-resistant materials. All of our checked luggage undergoes rigorous durability testing to ensure it stands up to the rigors of travel, from rough baggage handlers to environmental stressors. With optimized packing capacity, durable cases, and extras like USB ports, Travelpro® checked luggage is ready for your next adventure!

The Best Large Checked Suitcases

Checked luggage is ideal for trips of a month or more or any time you need more packing capacity for shopping, souvenirs, or gifts.

Travelpro® checked luggage comes in a range of sizes to match your needs. Our medium 25” - 26” checked luggage provides ample space for most 7 -10 day trips, while our larger 28” - 30” luggage is better suited for 2 - 3 week trips. Consider our 2- to 3-piece luggage sets for longer stays or family excursions.

Two vs Four Wheel Checked Luggage

Travelpro® offers two- and four-wheeled checked luggage. Our two-wheeled Rollaboard® luggage tends to have larger wheels and provides more speed than four-wheeled luggage. Our four-wheel Spinner checked luggage, in contrast, offers greater agility, allowing you to zig-zag through crowds and security turnstiles.

What Counts as Checked Luggage?

Checked luggage describes any piece of luggage placed in an airplane’s cargo hold. Larger suitcases are typically checked at the airline check-in counter. Airlines may also insist smaller carry-on luggage be checked if the luggage exceeds the airline’s weight and length restrictions, or if the luggage contains items that cannot be transported in the airplane cabin.

What Are the Maximum Dimensions for Checked Luggage?

An airline’s checked luggage size restrictions typically limit bag sizes to 62 linear inches or less (Equal to the bag’s total height, width, and length in inches). Travelpro checked luggage sizes meet most major airlines' domestic and international size requirements.

Is Checked Baggage Different from Carry-On Luggage?

Checked luggage is larger than carry-on luggage and must be stored in the plane’s cargo hold. Checked luggage offers more packing capacity than carry-on bags and is the better choice for longer trips. For a more in-depth discussion of the differences in carry-on and checked luggage, check out Carry On vs Checked Bag: Pros and Cons of Each.

What Items Are Not Allowed in Checked Baggage?

The TSA prohibits flammable and explosive items, including fireworks, gas, and aerosols in checked luggage, as well as poisonous or toxic substances. Lithium batteries are not allowed in checked luggage but can often be packed in carry-on bags. The TSA provides a searchable database of prohibited and allowable items on their What Can I Bring Page, which we recommend you check before packing.