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Bob Plath was a travel pro. As a commercial airline pilot, heā€™d crisscrossed the globe a thousand times, lugging his suitcase along every trip.

Knowing firsthand what happened to luggage over time and the toll it took on the traveler hauling it, Bob thought there had to be a better solution.

When he discovered that there wasnā€™t one, he created it ā€“ a two-wheeled suitcase pulled upright by an extendable handle ā€“ The Original RollaboardĀ®.

What heā€™d invented to make life easier for flight crews quickly caught on with passengers, and just like that, one inventive Pilot changed the travel experience forever.

Soon, the TravelproĀ® RollaboardĀ® became every travelerā€™s companion.

Bob Plathā€™s innovative spirit will live on forever as a founding principle of TravelproĀ®. More than thirty years later, observing, anticipating, and delivering what travelers need remains the driving force behind our success.

Today, TravelproĀ® is the luggage brand of choice for crews from more than ninety airlines and countless travelers worldwide.

ā€œTravelpro Rollaboards really hold up. Built to meet the daily travel grind of an airline crew. Lightweight but not light on strength or durability." - VirgPilot, NYĀ 

We exist to be your trusted companionā€“to create products that make life easier as you travel. And ours is a journey that will never end.

ā€œTravelpro was recommended to me by a Delta pilot, he said they are well built, I figured a pilot would know best. He was right." - Securonet, OHĀ