Travelpro® Garment Bags: Preserve the Look of Your Clothes

Keeping clothing wrinkle-free while traveling is challenging. A Travelpro® garment bag provides a perfect solution. Lightweight and sized for carry-on or checked luggage, Travelpro® garment bags for dresses and suits have fold-out extension panels and padded roll bars to accommodate multiple outfits. Convenient packing pockets for underwear, sweaters, and shoes help you keep clothing organized and separated. 

Travelpro® Garment Bags: Preserve the Look of Your Clothes

Garment bags are best suited for ironed shirts, delicate dresses, and business suits, all of which tend to wrinkle when packed in regular checked or carry-on luggage.

Whether you need a checked or carry-on garment bag depends on how much clothing you need to pack. For short, one- to three-day trips, a carry-on garment bag with room for a few hanging items and some folded clothing should be sufficient. For longer trips, checked garment bags offer additional packing space.

What Does a Garment Bag Do?

A garment bag is a fold-out carry-on or checked bag that protects suits, dresses, and other clothing from wrinkles and dust. Clothing packs into a garment bag on hangers for easy unpacking at your destination.

What Size Garment Bag Do I Need?

For short trips, consider 16-inch carry-on garment bags, which meet the overhead bin space of most major US airlines. For extended trips, 24-inch checked garment bags provide greater packing room.

Is a Garment Bag Considered a Carry On or Checked Bag?

Travelpro® garment bags come in carry-on and checked luggage sizes. Carry-on garment bags are considered hand luggage rather than personal items.

What Is the Best Material for a Garment Bag?

Travelpro® garment bags are made from polyester durable fabric with a water- and stain-resistant DuraGuard® coating. Softshell cases provide greater flexibility than hardshell cases while still delivering exceptional protection.