How to Budget for a Trip: Best Tips and Tricks

How to Budget for a Trip: Best Tips and Tricks

Traveling is a wonderful way to expand your worldview as you grow and learn about new people, cultures, and areas. Below are some great tips on how to travel on a budget, so you can see more of the world and discover new places without breaking the bank.

What to Include in Your Travel Budget

Minimize costs, but not adventure by learning how to budget for a trip. This means knowing how to find the best deals and opportunities and also what to avoid. Read on, then check out our beginner travel tips as well.


At your destination, how will you get around? Public transit is often the best option for saving money. But if you want the freedom to roam at will, a rental car may be a better option. See these hacks to save money on your rental.

Clothing and Equipment

Watch the weather and pack clothing items that will work in multiple climates. When researching activities, make sure you have all the equipment necessary to avoid last-minute purchases. A spacious Maxlite® Laptop Backpack lets you carry it all easily without being weighed down.


Vacation rentals may offer more budget-friendly accommodations than hotels and resort stays. For the adventurous types, however, you may prefer camping a night or two if the destination allows it.


Tourist-heavy spots are usually the most expensive. Before you arrive, search for those out-of-the-way places to find a more affordable meal, and often, more authentic cuisine. The busier areas almost always have higher food prices.

Tourist Activities

Some tourist attractions are free, like historic landmarks and unique city walking tours. All you need is transportation to get there. It just takes a little research to learn which hot spots you can do without a guide.

Travel Insurance

Did you know that many credit cards provide free trip insurance with your purchase? This can protect the cost of the trip if cancellations arise, but travel medical insurance may be warranted.

Vaccinations and Medication

Avoid unpleasant, costly surprises by double-checking that all of your vaccinations and medications are current and packed; some might not be available at your destination.

Visas or Passport Renewal

Rush fees on passports are expensive. Your initial travel plans should ensure that your documents will not expire until after you return.

Cell Phone Plans

Many major cell service providers have one-time plan upgrades for as little as $10/month, so you don’t have to pay high roaming fees.


Often, souvenirs aren't even made where you are visiting. If you can't find something authentic, you can save money by ordering a souvenir later and still have the memories that accompany it.

Stick to your Budget During Travel

It’s easy to become “blind” to costs. A $7 bag of chips may not seem like a big deal, but several purchases like this add up. A trip to a grocery store, instead of a convenience store, helps you maintain your budget.

Without paying attention, your budget can be blown quickly with expense after expense. Each day, or every other day, assess where you are and if you’re spending too much. Consider means to minimize out-of-pocket costs if you’re spending too much.

It’s tempting to splurge when traveling. Fantastic memories can still be made eating at a street vendor cart instead of a five-star restaurant.

When you want to splurge on a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, skimp elsewhere. Look at all of your expenses as a whole, and make it your business to learn the best budget travel tips long before you leave home.

Prepare and Travel Like a Pro

Whether you're going across the state or around the world, planning in advance is the key to ensuring you get the best deals. Using perks from travel rewards cards, blending free and paid activities, and maximizing the value of each dollar you spend can keep your travel budget on point.

With the right Travelpro® gear, like a Maxlite® Air Compact Carry-On, you can see the world in style. Related: Learn more about how you can afford the frequent traveler lifestyle as you plan your next trip.

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