Just prior to the Christmas holiday, we packed our Travelpro bags for the 8th time in 2021 and flew to Texas for Stop #8 on RMWorldTravel’s big “Let’s Go America! Tour” as San Antonio took center stage. Having our national radio show back on the road last year as we promote safe & responsible travel during the pandemic — and again showcasing unique destinations — has reminded us why we love and appreciate travel so much. We’ve met so many wonderful people on this journey and when it concludes it in late February we’ll have traveled nearly 50,000 miles! There are many reasons people travel –- but connecting with locals and fellow travelers along the way has always been a highlight for us on our travels.

San Antonio, Texas is one of those cities that has a long rich southwestern history but hasn’t allowed its pride in its roots to slow its continual evolution into a chic, modern, cultural and culinary destination. San Antonians are proud of their city and they should be — and starting with its historical significance first, we believe one cannot and certainly should not visit San Antonio without a tour of The Alamo as if not for this site there may be no modern day Texas! Here you’ll learn not just about the bloody battle between the Republic of Texas and Mexico, but about the resilience and strength of the Texans –- as there are an abundance of interesting stories of that fateful time and the Alamo is an important historical landmark that is a must see.

The city has a vibrant downtown, an excellent convention center and is filled with many hotels, but we chose to stay a little north on the Riverwalk in the Pearl District at the lovely Hotel Emma. This boutique property is a historic landmark in its own right as the former site of the Pearl Brewery, once owned and operated by Emma Koehler. Emma kept it active during Prohibition by pivoting to sell other products and a name for herself in the area. Fun fact, in the spirit of Emma, this hotel remained open and did not at any point close its doors during the Pandemic. An architectural masterpiece, the hotel retains many of the unique artifacts of the former brewery including an engine in the lobby, lighting fixtures, tiles, brew tanks, etc. When we interviewed the historian on-air during our live broadcast of America’s #1 Travel Radio Show from Hotel Emma on December 11th, as he worked with the designers and builders on the expansive restoration, he likened it to an archaeology dig!

Step outside of the Hotel, make a quick left, and you’re literally steps from the Riverwalk. The Riverwalk was decorated beautifully for the holidays with festive themed boats carrying passengers along the route. We walked and walked and enjoyed the sites along the way including the bustling restaurant and shopping scene. The walk is popular with tourists and locals alike and is great for people watching too!

From a food standpoint, what’s a trip to Texas without sampling their BBQ?! We enjoyed meeting Barrett Black — 4th generation pit master of Black’s BBQ and had a great meal in the nearby Lockhart location, which is the original location of this longest running family owned BBQ restaurant in Texas. No fussy dry rubs or sauces here — just salt and pepper for seasoning and some serious smoking techniques! Also influencing the food scene in San Antonio is the world renowned Culinary Institute of America which has a satellite campus in the Pearl District, that is also literally steps from Hotel Emma’s front door. This attracts creative chefs desiring to be part of a growing food scene, and San Antonio is one of only two U.S. cities — the other being Tucson — to receive the UNESCO designation of Creative City of Gastronomy.

From a plethora of art museums like the San Antonio Museum of Art, the Briscoe Western Art Museum, the Witte Museum, the Guinness World Records Museum and about 25 others — there’s plenty to see from an art standpoint in San Antonio. And if you’re traveling with kids, make time to enjoy a day or two at Sea World — or perhaps take them to an NBA game to root on the local San Antonino Spurs!

The area has plenty of golf to satisfy the most ardent player — and outdoors enthusiasts will want to take advantage of the state parks and more. San Antonio is an excellent destination to consider year round and worth a visit. Share your favorite moments or experiences in San Antonio with us by clicking on the “Contact Us” tab at Let’s Go America!

Safe and Happy Travels!
Robert & Mary Carey, Hosts
America’s #1 Travel Radio Show

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