Lightweight Luggage with Feather-Light Construction

Maxlite® luggage is the lightest luggage in the Travelpro® collection. Travelpro® Maxlite® 5 soft-side bags use ultra-durable lightweight fabrics, wheels, and extendable handles for the lightest luggage in our collection. Our streamlined Maxlite® hardshell luggage comes with lightweight but super durable polycarbonate cases, reducing the luggage’s overall weight and allowing you to pack heavier contents before hitting an airline’s weight restrictions.

Travel Efficiently with Travelpro®’s Lightest Luggage Option

The Travelpro® Maxlite® collection includes hardshell and softshell checked and carry-on luggage, including 2- and 3-piece luggage sets, garment bags, totes, backpacks, women’s bags, and weekenders. No matter how you travel, there’s a lightweight Maxlite® bag or luggage set that’s right for you.

Our Maxlite® lightweight luggage collection includes features that make travel easier, including PowerScope Lite handles, 360° rotating spinners, multiple interior and exterior pockets, and roomy interiors with adjustable hold-down straps.

Backed by our Travelpro® Built For A Lifetime Limited Warranty, Maxlite bags rank among the most stylish, dependable, lightweight luggage on the market. 

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What Is Considered a Lightweight Suitcase?

Medium-sized lightweight luggage weighs approximately seven pounds, while larger lightweight luggage weighs between 8.5 to 13 pounds.

How Many Pounds is a TravelPro® Maxlite® Suitcase?

A Travelpro® Maxlite® 5 medium-sized suitcase, such as the Travelpro Maxlite® 5 25" Medium Check-In Spinner  weighs only 6.8 pounds. Carry-on luggage is even lighter: the Maxlite® 5 21" Carry-On Spinner weighs a mere 5.4 pounds. Even the  Maxlite® hardshell luggage is incredibly lightweight: the Maxlite® Air Medium Check-In Hardside Spinner is only 8.5 pounds. 

Which is Lighter: Hard or Soft Luggage?

Softside luggage is typically lighter than hardshell bags, but this depends on the materials used to make the luggage. A Maxlite® hardside suitcase, for instance, uses ultra-lightweight materials and can be lighter than comparably sized soft-shell luggage.