What is Southwest’s Wanna Get Away?

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Travel can be confusing. Sometimes it feels as though travel providers speak a whole different language; one you must learn in order to make sure you buy the right ticket to the right location at the right price.

Low-cost carrier Southwest Airlines is one of the airlines that uses their own terminology in describing their various airline ticket fares. Instead of scouring various sites to get the best price on a Southwest Airline’s economy ticket, you simply tell Southwest that you “wanna get away.”

Of course, as with anything new, we have to figure out what does Wanna Get Away mean on Southwest, and how does it compare?

Understanding The 3 Southwest Fare Types

Like all airlines, Southwest has different rate structures. Each one has its own perks aimed at enhancing your travel experience. All tickets on the same flight will get you to the same destination at the same time. The difference comes down to which extras really matter most to you, the traveler.

Business Select Fare Class

Business Select is your premium option on Southwest. When booking this fare class, you get the most perks and the most rewards if you have a Southwest Rapid Rewards account. This fare will typically be the most expensive choice.

Added perks include:

  • Priority boarding - so you get on and choose your seat before the masses
  • 12x Rapid Rewards points – to grow your rewards faster and redeem for even more travel
  • Premium in-flight drink service
  • Refundable tickets
  • Standby and same-day changes

Anytime Fare Class

Opting for the Anytime fare class on Southwest can be compared to buying a flexible economy ticket on another airline. Southwest’s “Anytime” fare suggests that you can fly anytime you want to dozens of airports served by the carrier, which also means changing your flight without penalty, if needed – even on the day of travel. Perks of the Anytime fare class include:

  • 10x Rapid Rewards points
  • Priority boarding
  • Refundable tickets
  • Standby and same-day changes

Wanna Get Away Fare Class

When you just want to get away, opt for the Wanna Get Away fare class, which is most like a basic economy fare without a bunch of extras. This class of ticket is all about getting you to your destination using the most cost-effective fare available. Perks of this fare class include:

  • 6x Rapid Rewards points
  • Flight credit for cancellations (if used within 12 months)
  • No change fees (fare difference may apply, but no added fees on top of that)

Pro’s and Con’s of Southwest Wanna Get Away Fare

A great way to fly Southwest on a budget, the Wanna Get Away fare keeps travel as affordable as possible by minimizing the airline ticket costs. Even at a budget, this fare still has some great perks, just be aware of any hidden costs around buying the cheapest ticket.

What’s Good

  • All Southwest tickets - even Wanna Get Away fares – include 2 free checked bags and 2 free carry-on bags. While many airlines charge as much as $70 per checked bag, Southwest’s baggage policy is a big cost saver.  Make sure you know what is allowed in your carry-on bag before you travel, along with baggage weight and size requirements.
  • Flight credit for cancellations. Sometimes your trip just doesn’t work out. The carrier’s flight credit policy lets you apply your money to another flight in the future. Be sure to check Southwest’s website for complete terms and conditions.

What to Know

  • 6x Rapid Rewards. Earning rewards is great, but the lowest fare earns them at a slower pace.
  • No priority check-in or boarding. When you board with the masses, you are at greater risk of getting an undesirable seat and running out of of overhead bin space to store your carry-on, which means you will have to check it at the gate and retrieve it in baggage claim upon arrival.

If you’re not concerned with accruing rewards points, you travel with a personal item and/or checked bag only, and all you want is the cheapest fare that gets you to your destination, Wanna Get Away tickets on Southwest airlines just might be the perfect way to make your travel funds go the distance.

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