Fall Vacation Ideas: Best Places for Autumn Foliage

Fall Vacation Ideas: Best Places for Autumn Foliage

After Labor Day comes and goes, the vacation season has ended for many people. As the weather cools, it's the perfect time to travel. Crowds are diminished, the leaves are changing colors, and the wide-open roads are even more open. As the sun sets on summer, now is the perfect time to plan for a fall trip.

Take a New England Roadtrip

One of the best fall vacations will take you through New England, made up of 6 states in the Northeast US. Tranquil forests, picturesque farms, and sleepy seaside towns greet you as you travel between the populated big cities.

A road trip through the New England states allows you some fantastic sites and some amazing history. Maine even has one of the quietest road trips in the US. At a time when crowds are lessened, this stretch of road will provide the peace many are seeking.

Vermont’s Green Mountains are perfect for those looking to do a bit of leaf peeping. Keep reading, though! If you’re all about taking fall foliage trips in New England, we have plenty of tips for you.

The Live Free or Die State, New Hampshire, has the White Mountains. Stick to the Kancamagus Highway, and you'll have your mind blown with picturesque beauty.

Stop into Boston as you pass through Massachusetts. The Freedom Trail is a 2.5-mile-long walking path that takes you to 17 significant historical locations from the days of our country's founding. Otherwise, there are numerous fall day trips from Boston to see the autumn colors.

As you approach the southern end of New England, you’ll pass through Rhode Island and finish up in Connecticut – the US’s smallest and third smallest states.

Enjoy a City Getaway

At the end of your New England road trip, you can finish up in New York City. However, the city that doesn't sleep has a little less hustle and bustle as summer fades into fall. There is always, however, plenty of activity.

If you plan to spend some time in NYC, Boston, or another big city around the country, make sure that you stick with the big-city etiquette. Brush up on how to be an expert traveler in major cities before you head out the door so you stay safe and have fun.

Major cities are great starting, and ending, points for your fall road trips. Experience city life, then hit the open road to check out the rural scenery during autumn.

Enjoy the East Coast Foliage

While summer vacations are winding down, many travelers like to plan fall foliage trips. “Leaf peepers,” the informal term for travelers intent on seeing the fall colors, often flock to a handful of quaint East Coast towns. You can plan your East Coast fall foliage road trip itinerary to visit one of these popular areas:

-       Catskill, NY, located on the Hudson River about halfway between NYC and Albany, is home to a handful of breweries, coffee shops, and delis. If you’re not hitting the open road, you can hit the open range and drive some golf balls on a course beneath the fall colors.

-      Fall day trips from NYC can include passing through Jim Thorpe, PA. Like Catskill, this quiet little town hosts leaf peepers from all over the country.

Plan a Missouri Fall Foliage Road Trip – As you head south, the leaves change color later and later in the year. Driving through Mark Twain National Park will be a Missouri road trip to remember.

Plan a Georgia Fall Foliage Road Trip – When it’s starting to snow in New England, the weather is still pleasant in Georgia. There are plenty of mountains and rivers throughout the state to spark wonder on your trip.

Fall in love with the Great Lakes

Let's not neglect the Midwest, though. The cool air from the Great Lakes area creates a unique environment unlike anywhere else. And where better to experience the Great Lakes than right between Lake Michigan and Lake Huron? There are plenty of fall day trips in lower Michigan – that’s the “mitten” part of the state.

Finding the Best Fall Trips Around the Country

There are beautiful day trips from major cities that will take you into the heart of the mountains, where fall is in full “bloom." But if you're ready to hit the pavement and see as much as you can see, then brush up on the five things to consider while planning a road trip, and you are sure to set yourself up for a great fall frolic.

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