Have you heard of Gett yet?

Founded in 2010, the newest competition to Uber and Lyft recently raised $100 million in investor funding, bringing their total investment funds to a staggering $750 million. And while they were focused primarily on the ride-sharing market, they’re setting their sights on the business travel industry.

Gett is more than a ride sharing service however, it’s pro-taxi rather than private vehicle. Think of it as Uber for taxis.

Already available in North America, Europe, Israel, and Russia, Gett wants to provide convenience for business travelers who need to get from point A to point B, but maybe don’t want to use Uber or any other private ride-sharing service. Gett’s business model involves targeting large corporations and provide them exclusive attention to their services.

Other ride sharing companies have been targeting corporations, like Uber for Business and Ola (which works primarily in India), but the company has been able to gain a foothold by partnering with a a third of the Fortune 500 to be exact.

Gett claims on their website that they provide simple solutions for a corporation’s travelers with SaaS solutions. They can help solve the issue of hectic traveling. You can also choose what kind of service you want and when you want it.

The app also appeals to taxi drivers because they have been disrupted by private ride-sharing services for so long, losing out to Uber and Lyft because of their convenience and sometimes-lower prices. Gett also lets drivers keep all of their tips, as well as their refer-a-friend bonus program, Gett sets out to provide a prominent platform that is favorable for drivers too.

Gett offers the following to its passengers and drivers.

  1. Pricing is transparent and predictable. As you use the app, it tells you upfront what the cost of your ride will be, including traffic jams for trips over 3 miles. This means you can know whether a ride fits within your travel budget or not.
  2. The app adapts to travel policies. Gett wants to adapt to corporate travel policies to ensure trust with their platform. The app helps the riders schedule their trips on the platform with policies that belong to the areas they are in.
  3. They offer data analytics. They provide employee travel data to their corporate clients to help improve efficiency and accountability.
  4. Improved expense reporting. Expenses are reported automatically, and rides can be paid for via monthly invoices to the business or billed to the employees’ business credit cards.
  5. Faster travel times. Taxis, at least in some countries, are allowed to drive in the bus lanes. Gett says that improves ground travel times by as much as 30%.
  6. 24/7 support Gett offers 24/7 support to business customers and real-time messaging with real people.

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Photo credit: Mic from Reading (Wikimedia Commons, Creative Commons 2.0)

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