Luxury Luggage: Superior Craftsmanship with TravelPro®

Travelpro® Platinum® Elite luggage boasts premium materials and attention to detail unparalleled in the world of luxury luggage. Each piece of Elite luggage blends durable, long-lasting materials with an eye for beauty and style, from the material used in exterior luggage cases to eye-catching leather accents and chrome zippers. With extras like USB charging ports and zippered expansion options, every aspect of Travelpro® Premium® Elite luggage improves your travel experience.

Need More Space? Discover the Roomiest Carry-On Luggage with Platinum® Elite

Premium® Elite luggage is spacious, providing plenty of packing space for your travels. The Platinum® Elite carry-on collection, in particular, boasts some of the roomiest carry-on luggage available, including such innovative features as fold-out suitors, clamshell designs, and zippered divider panels.

What Is Luxury Luggage?

Luxury luggage describes any luggage that combines elegance, durability, improved packing capacity, ergonomic handles, and high-quality finishing accents.

What Sizes Does Travelpro® Platinum® Elite Luggage Come In?

The Travelpro® Platinum® Elite collection offers an exceptional range of luxury luggage sizes, including carry-on, medium, and large checked luggage. All sizes conform to the size allowances of most major US airlines.

Would You Recommend Platinum® Elite Luggage for More Frequent Travelers?

Absolutely! The emphasis on durability, roomy interiors, and style make the Travelpro®Platinum® Elite Luggage Collection ideal for frequent flyers, whether they travel for business or pleasure. People who travel less frequently will find plenty of affordable, high-quality luggage in our  Carry-On Luggage and Checked Luggage collections.